How To Bring Out The Best of Me 101 : Outfits

Here’s come the section that I’ll make continually (from different aspects) to share about how to be confident in my own version that basically also based in my own experiences. Since you all probably recognized me from my OOTD collections, I’m just gonna start with it first. I’ll tell you the story about why outfits can take such a big part in my life and actually one of the biggest reasons for me to look confident.



Back then, I never really thought about why I should be confident with myself. I love to play and having fun so I spent lots of my time doing nothing but to have fun with my friends; until finally I went to junior high school, where I realized that I had a crush on someone and at the same time, I look so ugly as sh*t. That was my turning point where I felt like I need to upgrade myself to look good.


I knew I never be the prettiest at school and also on that time, I haven’t discovered the power of make up yet, so there’s nothing I can do about it except to change the way I dressed. So basically I try to look stylish so I can look good in front of my crush.  After that, whenever I go, I always wanted to look good, just in case I accidently met him somewhere. Little did I know that by that simple reason, it somehow built my perspective about how I wanted to look good until now, not only for my crush (well, because he’s finally become my boyfriend and also my ex now, lol) but also continually for everyone that I met. I’d like to say that I just want to do my best to look presentable for everyone in any occasions and also to cover up my other side that I’m not confident at (read: “never be the prettiest at school”).



But anyway, I just want to say that I’m glad that I can found my interest toward fashion. I can easily feel energized because I know how to be confident to myself and it brings me to have an even better positive energy each day (especially when there’s other people who suddenly compliment me because I looked good that day, yay!). So tell me, what do you do to make yourself confident with yourself?



- Nana -



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