Bananalace is my social media nickname that I actually made up so it easier for people to remember. Everyone wants to be remembered, well, at least for me. People come and go so I always hope I can remain still at people’s happy thoughts. I made it up so quickly by remembering my own happy thoughts. Banana is my favorite fruit while laces is actually from my current obsession that day when I made the name, which is bralette. Apart from that, I want this name to also represent my personality. It’s simple, it sounds fun and it can show my excitement over small things like bananas.


When life is full of surprises and beautiful moments, this website is dedicated to share whatever catches my eyes and worth to capture. I personally wanted to share it to the readers how I seethe beauty of the world from my own perspective. I may not the best writer or the most aesthetic person that you’ll find in this world, but to recall every moments and enjoy it before its gone is my best cure for the bad days.


And I hope you enjoy it too.

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