Greetings from me, Nana.

Finally I’m back again in this writing world after a while. Back then in my teenage years, I used to write a lot. I wrote about my dreams, my experiences, my memories or even my fantasies (no, I didn’t write poetic poems). Even until in one point of my life, I wanted to be a novelist (I already made up a great story line and put it into words, but I gave up on my 9th page because it wasway too long, LOL)



Going to Jakarta to finish my study changed my reading and writing habits. I left all my books to read in home and I just got a little free time there since there were so many assignments in my university. But when it comes to habits, sometimes you can’t just make it vanished and go away, right? So I started to misswriting and tried to make my own fashion and lifestyle blog in around 2 years ago. Somehow, I just don’t understand the way works (like completely have no idea at all until now). My blog didn’t look good, the layout and theme just didn’t seem right so I gave up. (I know I gave up way too easily, please don’t judge me).


 Last month, a website developer called “Bobaweb” (@bobaweb) contacted me, asked me either I need a personal website or not. Then suddenly there’s a voice in my head just said “why not?” (sorry for the exaggerating moment). I meanI’ve finished my study already so I have no other reasons not to do writing again.


I always keep in my mind that every dream can come true when you put 100% dedication on it. To be honest, I never thought that Icould go this far on becoming a fashion influencer on Instagram (am I count asa fashion influencer already? I hope so, because if it isn’t, It’s going to be embarrassing to self-promoting myself like this), but back then when I started to do fashion stuffs on Instagram, I put a lot of efforts on it. I would spend my weekend looking for a good spots to take pictures with or I would spend my money for clothes, bags and shoes because we’re all know that you gotta do a lot of variations of your outfits for the sake of becoming a fashion influencer. But still, I don’t really realize that I’ve spent that much time and dedication on it, I guess I just “let it flow”. So I’m answering my “why not?” questions here. I’ve done this before, so of course I can do it again for the second time.




I hope this website is actually can be a great stepping stone for me to achieve more accomplishment this year. I want to develop to be a bigger and better person, someone who actually can prove it to everyone that she have dedication and motivation to do what she wants (or should I just said that I want to be a flower that blooms so pretty and beautiful in her lifetime, no, no, I’m trying too hard to be poetic).




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