Frequently Visited yet So Unfamiliar


Have you ever visit places but never had a chance to actually strolling around and sightseeing? For me, one of those places is Singapore. I’ve travelled a lot to this Lion City with my family since I was a little kid but I’ve never been anywhere else beside Sentosa Island and Orchard Road; which unconsciously made me put perceptions on myself as a kid that maybe the other places in Singapore are not as good as the one that I visited. Perhaps, this thing is actually already turned into habits, even for my family. It already has become a place that we left our heart behind, so we keep coming back there instead of trying to explore the other parts of the city. But no, not really, I’m actually started to get bored as the time goes by. That boredom starting to eat away my soul and travelling to Singapore with my family is not really that exciting anymore.


So when ElxiElvina enthusiastically asked me to go to the travel fair, looked for some planes tickets to Singapore, I’m actually dedicated to go. So with all of my hearts, I’m ignoring all the responsibilities I have in Jakarta and went to Singapore with this cutie girl. Of course, on this 4-days trip, I saw a lot of different parts of Singapore. It actually felt like I went to new places, which is pretty exciting though since I love to stroll around, exploring every corner of the places and find new collection of memories that is worth to be remembered.

I went around mostly by walking. I don’t do much walking before when I travelled because mostly I travelled with my family. I spent more than 12.000 steps everyday in my trips (yup, just checked it on “Health” App). It was so exhausting but also worth it at the same time. First day was my favorite day compared to others *but if we’re talking about the weather here. It was cloudy but still bright and we actually had a really nice walk around our hotel. But on the rest of our 3 days, we roamed the city with the heat following us all the way until it fades, changed to a beautiful sunset (let me thank to the God because the heat didn’t burnt my skin).

This well-spent 4 days also gave me opportunities to meet new people. I didn’t spent that much time with them though, but you know, it always nice to hear new different stories from different perspective. They came from different places and fields; they have their own point of views and interests, which was interesting. Who would think that I’m going to spent my holiday trips, listening about how Titanic drown, the history of the scientists and inventors or how Singapore MRT worked; who would think that I would met humble and kind people who worked as Engineer, English Teacher, Content Creator and Hardworking Blogger who spent her days working in Bank, all in just 4 days. Too bad I didn’t have my Instax with me; I just broke it couple weeks ago. I would love to add these peoples to my Instax Photos Collections.

Apart from that, I did enjoyed this trip with Elxi, there’s only two of us and luckily we shared the same interests about photography and Instagram, so we did spent a lot of time to take pictures without hesitation on each others. You know, sometimes when you travel with someone that doesn’t really share the same interests like yours (what I meant is the whole photography and Intagram thingy), It would be a hesitation if you ask for a step aside just to take a pictures, because it’ll happen not only for once but on repeat. But travelling with Elxi was a whole different things, we even brought a backpack to only put different clothes inside, so we can actually take a lot of pictures with many variations of outfits.


Wait, just want to make a note to myself for a few years after now; if I ever took another glimpse of this post again, I would love to remind myself that I had a huge crush on the one of the SQ’s steward whom was super tall and look so cool in his steward’s suit. I told Elxi that he was so handsome from far away (blame me, I don’t wear my contact lens, so his face kinda blur) and then realized that he’s not that handsome from near because I finally can see him clearly. But, he’s tall and also cool, so I wouldn’t mind *shy *shy. Anyway, cheers for more and more adventures with you, Elxi.



- Nana-


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