Sweetest Escape

Woke up at 4 a.m. in Bali, left our hotel so early in the morning because we were about to catch the sunrise. We went to the McDonalds drive thru on our way to the beach, grabbed some hash browns for three of us, and then we continued our trip while ate the hash browns. Stop by again at mini market because we were thirsty, bought some drinks and then we were done, back again on track.

Bali was so quiet in the morning; just a few motorbikes and taxis drove slowly on the road. We heard The Woodland tracks by The Paper Kites played through my phone in the car; didn’t do much talking because we were all still a little bit sleepy. But then, just less than 45 minutes on the road, we arrived at the beach; Me, Elxi Elvina (@elxielvina) and Raivan (@plainkite) were having our sweetest escape in Bali.



- Nana -


Photograph by Aldo Baskoro (@aldobaskoro)
From Sweet Escape (sweet.escape)

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