A Year With Gratitude

“New year, new me?” I know, I know, too mainstream, eh? Perhaps you already saw lots this quotes in everyone’s caption related to New Year. Well, I can’t help it not to agree with these quotes. We all know that people wants to achieve something new whenever we started a new year. Either to moving forward, to have something more to be proud of or simply just a fresh new start, to erase all of those bad memories in last year. Anything, we all just gotta do something because it’s the first day on the first month already.


3 years ago, back on 2015, I felt like I’m actually at the worst. I saw everything in the negative way. Yes, everything! I easily felt down, easily got jealous, easily felt horrible at myself and felt like everything was against me. I think that was the year where I didn’t felt grateful with anything. Just imagine; I could be mad at myself and jealous with other people just by seeing their activities through their Snapchat. The negativity struck right to me all the time in this year. But as the year goes by, I wanted a fresh new start on 2016. I wanted to leave all of that negativity behind and re-branded myself to be a positive person. **I remembered that I even searched through the prophecy of my Chinese zodiac sign on the beginning of 2016, checked if this year is gonna be a good year for me or not.


Moving on to the next year, I still didn’t turned into a positive person (not even closer, lol), but meanwhile, I actually had so much fun! I tried lots of new things (including the bad one, but no worries, no drugs!). I went out to hike the Papandayan Mountain; where I had to climb for more than 4 hours and also explored the beaches in Malang. I started to learn how to socialize with other people and met lots of new friends, tried different hair color from grey, purple to blue, had the greatest birthday with the room full of confetti for more than a month (I did try to clean it, but they keep coming out from anywhere), gone to two different music festivals and also others things that I just can’t tell everything here. I spoiled myself so much with everything that makes me happy and makes me feel good. **And the most important is I stopped looking at people’s snapchat because I knew that it only bring out the negativity again.



After I’ve got a whole happy year in 2016, moving on to 2017, all I say is I’m beyond grateful. I’m grateful with everyone surround me, I’m grateful that I can feel their endless care towards me, I’m grateful that I’m surrounded with such an annoying but loving family (with my brother in law as the additional member), I’m grateful for my friends who’s always been there for me, I’m grateful for the guy who truly love me for who I am (and also have lots of patience on me), I’m grateful for who I am and what I’m doing now and last but not least, I’m grateful for all of YOU!


Now, it’s time for 2018 to change me into a better person, who’s positive and wise, full of passion and motivation to develop into a person with lots of new achievements and please 2018, let me do more travelling this year!




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