Dare for Some Pants

It wasn’t that long before I finally tried to own a statement pants. Back then when I wanted to upgrade my look, I always go for accessories instead of the outfits itself. Well, I’m not a big fans of pattern either (except stripes or polka dots), so I never really thought about having outfits with lots of pattern or different cutting on it.

How To Bring Out The Best of Me 101 : Outfits

Here’s come the section that I’ll make continually (from different aspects) to share about how to be confident in my own version that basically also based in my own experiences.

Greetings from me, Nana.

Finally I’m back again in this writing world after a while. Back then in my teenage years, I used to write a lot. I wrote about my dreams, my experiences, my memories or even my fantasies (no, I didn’t write poetic poems).

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